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Network Research

We are experienced with enrolling Providers with Medicare, Medicaid, and Commercial Payers. We know, especially with Commercial payers, those panels are sometimes not available, which is why we reach out to all payers you provide on your list to get timelines and check panel availability.

Application Filing

Our goal is to get your applications filed as quickly as possible. We email you our electronic application via email. Once completed and returned to us, one of our staff members will reach out and work directly with you to obtain any documents needed for the enrollment process. You can have confidence in our team walking with you through this process. This is what we do, and we have a high first-time acceptance rate.

Application Follow Up

Our team starts the follow-up process within a week of the application submission process. This way, we waste no time making sure the application was received along with any documentation requested. We will continue the follow-up process until the application process is completed.

Closed Panel Appeals

It is a reality for some commercial payers in certain areas to have closed panels. When Payers feel as though they have reached their maximum need for providers with a particular specialty, they close the panel. If this happens, we will work on your behalf by filing an appeal in an effort to reverse their initial decision.


We do have Clients come to us with requests such as contacting payers to see where their participation status stands and correcting information that was filed incorrectly.

Demographic Changes

Address, name changes, and EFT changes are usually what is needed under this service. No worries, we can help.


Enrollment/Credentialing Maintenance  The No Surprises Act requires health plans to verify provider directory data every 90 days. With our monthly maintenance plan, we will attest your CAQH and make any updates to your CAQH, as well as any payer requests received to be completed. We will send in information requested by payers for you to remain in the network, such as updated licensure, PLI, CLIA Certification, DEA, etc.

NPPES/NPI Registration

Let us create your type 1 type 2 NPI registration and update your NPPES.


We can create or update your CAQH for you. With our monthly maintenance plan, we will also make sure your CAQH remains up-to-date and attested.

Monitoring of Expirables

Enjoy our monitoring of your expirables. This is covered under our maintenance plan. We will load your expiration dates for things such as your DEA, Licensure, PLI, CLIA, etc. When your expiration date draws near, we will reach out to you with a reminder to renew.


We are not a billing company. However, we do work with several billing companies nationwide and would be happy to help you find a billing company that fits your needs.