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Offering Seamless Provider Enrollment Services, Including Credentialing, Payer Enrollments, and More

Affordable Physician Services, LLC

Elevate Patient Care With Seamless Provider Enrollment

At Affordable Physician Services, LLC, we understand that your primary focus is on providing unparalleled care to your patients. That's why we specialize in taking the administrative load off your shoulders with comprehensive provider enrollment services. From credentialing and re-credentialing to payer enrollments and demographic changes, we cover all aspects of provider administration, ensuring you can concentrate on what you do best.

Comprehensive Services

We offer a broad range of services designed to streamline your practice's operations, including:


  • Our credentialing services involve assisting healthcare providers in the initial application process to become credentialed with insurance payers.
  • We meticulously review and compile necessary documentation, ensuring compliance with payer requirements and industry standards.
  • Our goal is to streamline the credentialing process, minimizing delays and ensuring providers can promptly begin accepting patients covered by various insurance plans.


  • Re-credentialing involves the periodic renewal of provider credentials with insurance payers to maintain participation in their networks.
  • We proactively manage re-credentialing timelines, assisting providers in submitting required documentation and updates in a timely manner.
  • Our team ensures that providers maintain their eligibility for reimbursement and avoid disruptions in patient care due to expired credentials.

Payer Enrollments

  • Payer enrollment services encompass assisting providers in enrolling with Medicare, Medicaid, private/commercial payers, and insurance companies.
  • We guide providers through the complex application processes, helping them navigate payer-specific requirements and documentation.
  • We aim to expand providers' access to diverse patient populations by facilitating participation in multiple-payer networks.

Managing Demographic Changes

  • We assist providers in updating their demographic information with insurance payers to ensure accuracy and completeness.
  • Changes such as address updates, practice additions, or provider status modifications are managed efficiently to maintain clear communication channels with payers and patients.
  • Our proactive approach helps prevent billing and reimbursement issues resulting from outdated or inaccurate provider information.

Handling Miscellaneous Projects and Data Entry

  • In addition to core credentialing and enrollment services, we offer support for various miscellaneous projects and data entry tasks.
  • This may include organizing and digitizing documents, entering provider information into databases, or assisting with special projects as needed.
  • Our flexible support ensures that providers can delegate administrative tasks effectively, allowing them to focus on patient care and practice management.

CAQH Maintenance

  • We provide comprehensive support for CAQH (Council for Affordable Quality Healthcare) setup and maintenance.
  • Our services include initial setup assistance, updating provider profiles, managing attestations, and ensuring ongoing compliance with CAQH requirements.
  • By maintaining accurate and up-to-date CAQH profiles, providers can streamline the credentialing process and enhance their participation in payer networks.

Expirables Management

  • Our expirables management service involves monitoring and managing expiring credentials, certifications, and licenses for healthcare providers.
  • We maintain detailed records of expiration dates and proactively remind providers of upcoming renewals to prevent lapses in credentials.
  • By staying ahead of expiration dates, we help providers maintain continuous eligibility for participation in payer networks and regulatory compliance.

Streamlined Provider Solutions

We serve a diverse clientele, from small to large practices, including FQHCs, and partner with consulting firms to deliver the best results. Our background in billing gives us a unique edge, allowing us to navigate the complexities of insurance enrollment and provider relations across various states effectively. We understand the intricacies of the claims process and how to optimize it for your benefit, ensuring a seamless integration of all components for your practice.

Affordable Physician Services, LLC

Why Choose Us

Choosing Affordable Physician Services, LLC means partnering with a team that is as committed to your practice's success as you are. We pride ourselves on our ability to handle the intricate details of provider enrollments, credentialing, and more, so you don't have to. Let us take care of the administrative side of your practice so you can focus on what matters most - your patients. For more information, feel free to get in touch.


Being credentialed with insurance payers can offer an increase in the number of patients in need of your services. Most payers will put you in their directory, which will drive business to you.